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Q: What is the difference between a wash and a detail?

A: The difference between a wash and detail is the level of care and attention that is put into each service. A wash is quick and only cleans what is on the surface. We call washes the "what you see" service. A detail is a more in depth process that cleans not only what is on the surface, but also what one normally does not see. For example, paint surface contamination (like oxidation, and paint over spray) cannot be removed by simply washing your vehicle. By using our clay barring process or wet sanding and buffing techniques, which are both included in some of our detailing services, we make these defects disappear.

Q: How often should I wash my vehicle?

A: We recommend washing your vehicle, at least, every other week depending on your driving habits, weather conditions and other factors that may influence the cleanliness of your vehicle. Please, keep in mind that the more you wash your vehicle, more and more of its protective coating is being washed away. It may be necessary to wax your vehicle, at least, once a month to keep up the paint protection. We offer several wash and wax plans for your convenience.

Q: How often should I detail my vehicle?

A: We recommend having your vehicle detailed every three months or once a season. However, your vehicle may only need an extensive detailing once a year. We offer many packages to accommodate all of your detailing needs.

Q: Why should I choose paintless dent repair (PDR) over a traditional paint and body shop?

A: PDR not only saves time and money over body shops, but it also saves the value of your vehicle. Most repairs can be completed in less than 2 hours and costs more than 2/3 less than a traditional paint and body shop.  

Q: Do I need to repair or replace my windshield?

A:You should repair your windshield at the first notice of any damage. The smallest chip could easily grow into a large crack over time. State safety laws mandate where your windshield can be damaged and the severity of the allowed damage. Typically, if the damage is in the driver's direct view, it should be repaired immediately. We recommend replacing your windshield only if it is shattered, has a crack more than a foot long or if your state inspection guidelines mandates replacement.

Q: Will the clay bar damage the paint?

A: No. Clay bars are used to remove surface contamination from the paint such as paint overspray and tree sap. In some cases it may strip the wax from the paint. This is easily repaired by waxing the affected surface again to restore the shine.

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